~~Dear Mike:

We saw that Mike was selling other properties in our area. We called to get an Evaluation and decided to list with him. We have since bought 3 other homes Buying and Selling with him. We also bought a Condo apartment for our mother via Mike.
Again we got a very good deal due to his negotiating strategies.
We got a lot of time, discussion and assistance in each deal.
We recommend him highly.

Dave and Kim

~~Dear Mike:

We were from a military base. Mike gave us a lot more info than other agents we called.
This included general market condition as wella lots of specific homes on the market.
When we got to Ottawa we changed our criteria.No Problem. He did new research and away we went.
He negotiated an exceptional place and price for us.

Mike M

~~Dear Mike:

You convinced us to move to Orleans to save money.
It turned out to be very good for us as we got more home than we expected.
It is easy to get to work and the kids love the space in the back yard.

Thanks again Paula and Earl.

~~Dear Mike:

Thanks for your efforts in buying the type of home we wanted in Alta vista we wanted.

Even though it is very old your inspector proved to be exceptional valuable.
He told us how much to fix the basement wall.
Change the wiring
Replace walls

Even though the home was built in 1920 we are very pleased. All the cost that the inspector gave us to fix things worked out within 5%.

Thanks again


~~Dear Mike:

Well, I can't believe it! I actually purchased my first home, and frankly, I have you to thank for it. As you know, I was very nervous about buying my first home, and I was not ready to commit to the whole process. (Like most first-time buyers) I had been dabbling here and there, looking at MLS and leafing through real estate publications, but I was so intimidated by the whole process, I would just end up frustrated and give up on the dream of owning my own home. That was, of course, before we had a chance to get to know each other.

From the first time we spoke, you were so easy-going and soft-spoken, but you clearly knew what you were talking about, and that combination actually helped to alleviate my fears of home-buying. Unlike other agents I had spoken with, you were not pushy or arrogant, and you actually listened to what I had to say, nor did you make me feel silly or stupid for the questions I was asking or for the preconceived notions I had about purchasing a home.

Other agents would tell me I was not serious enough to buy, while others told me that there was nothing in my price range for what I wanted, and some never called me back! That was very demoralizing, but you never did that. In fact, you helped me see that I was able to afford more than I thought, you explained everything, from home inspections to financing options to choosing a lawyer, and in turn, you empowered me to make that big leap from renting to owning.

Going out and looking at properties was so much fun! You found numerous properties that were in my price range and covered off all the things I was looking for in my home. What made it so fun was that you were so personable, and patient through the whole process. I know I can be a little nutty at times, but you took it all in stride. I had a great time looking at properties with you, and each time we got together, I learned more about the process and possibilities. You were great... thanks for taking me seriously.

Finally, I chose my property, and you agreed that it was a great starter home with loads of potential. You were amazing through the whole offer process, and in fact, had you not offered your "sage-like" advice to me during the bidding war on the property between myself and other buyer, I would have lost the property. Instead, I am now a very excited first-time home owner. You know Mike, you helped me make one of the biggest decisions of my life. I will never be able to thank you enough for your guidance, wisdom and support.

I hope to stay in touch with you, and if I should ever decide to sell my home, I would love to have you as my agent. Furthermore, I will be sure to share this story with all of colleagues in the Public Service, especially those who are first-time home buyers to give Mike Hider a call, because he cares, and knows his stuff.

And Mike, not only were you my agent, but now I can say I made a very nice friend.

Thanks Mike!

~~Dear Mike:

We have now bought 3 homes in Rockland through you. You showed a lot of patience in each case as we were quite fussy. In each case we have been well advised re the good the bad and ugly of home conditions.
The first we bought had a big lot and a low price which we wanted. But it had electric heat and so windows but we knew very well our costs for heat would be relatively high.

Our next was a new home on a smaller lot. So maintenance was not a problem but the market had slowed down. Mike did extensive advertising to get us noticed and visits so we could sell.

The next home is big on a big lot that gives our kids lots of space to play.
Again Mike provided advice and made sure we fully checked out the septic field and home via excellent inspectors who could explain in detail every thing we wanted to know.

Sylvain & Brigette

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